Bonnie Harris, Founder and Director

I was raised with an alcoholic father who beat my mom and had numerous affairs. We lived in an old house with no running water or bathroom. The Lord found me in 1983, but in 1987 my husband came home and told me he didn’t want me anymore. That hurt deeply and I turned to drugs, which led me down a road of destruction. Since August 1993, after a DUI and rehab, I have been clean from drug use and alcohol.
God called me to open a home for women and gave me a vision through a dream to call the home Hannah’s Haven. Hannah was a barren woman, who after crying out to God, the Lord remembered her. That was the message God wanted me to carry to hurting women; that God has not forgotten them, but He remembers them and he has a purpose for their lives.

Stefanie Huffstetler, Operations Manager

I joined the staff of Hannah’s Haven on May, 10 2018. I have an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Lee University and have served in many different ministry capacities for almost 30 years. I have always had a heart for hurting women so I feel very honored to be a part of this ministry. My desire is to lead women to Jesus so that they can find their true identity in Him and be all that He has created them to be.

I am a North Carolina native and have lived in Greensboro for 6 years. I have been married to my amazing husband Chris for 26 years and we have been in ministry together our entire married life. We have served as Youth Pastors, Minister’s of Music, Lead Pastors and we currently serve on staff at One Church Assembly of God in Greensboro. We have 3 beautiful children and 4 amazing grandchildren.

Wittney Tucker, Resident Tech – Live In (Group Studies)

I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, but the Lord called me out of my comfort zone and into this ministry. The Lord put Teen Challenge on my heart right before I graduated from college, so I asked Him to reveal to me which location He wanted me to serve at. Not long after that, I knew that this was the place that God would use me and it was up to me to stay comfortable or walk in obedience to Him. Needless to say, I chose the second option!

When I was a baby, I was found crawling in traffic and because of that, my grandparents raised me (they both passed away). Growing up I was molested by an older cousin, so I grew up not knowing my identity and not knowing how to love myself. As I got older I learned the importance of forgiveness. I chose to forgive my cousin and I began the process of healing. Now I know my identity in Christ and I want other women to know theirs as well!

I’m so grateful that I get to serve this ministry.

Tonya Phillips – Resident Tech/Hannah’s Haven Graduate


Melanie Parsons – Resident Tech


Maria Pass, Part-time Resident Tech

This has been an amazing opportunity to minister to students who are working to overcome addiction and life controlling issues. I have accepted a call that the Lord placed in my heart to have the opportunity to work and make a difference in the lives of young ladies who need to experience the love of Christ. I believe that “nothing just happens”. Prior situations I had to encounter with past/current relationships were steps ordered by the Lord and have prepared me for where I am today. Joe, my husband of 22 years, has been a tremendous supporter of Hannah’s Haven. We have three children and four beautiful grandchildren.
Luke 7:47, “For this reason I say to you, her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little.”

Tiffany Nettles – Resident Advocate/Hannah’s Haven Graduate



Angel Baptist – Weekend Resident
Tech/Hannah’s Haven Graduate



Carina Cole, Hannah’s Bridge Manager

I am a native of Greensboro, NC. Mother of two amazingly beautiful human beings. I believe that God has ordered my steps to become involved in Hannah’s Haven and Hannah’s Bridge. I know that serving is a privilege and it’s not to be taken lightly. So I am excited the journey that God has set forth in this season and expect to see him move mightily in the lives of women in Hannah’s Haven/Hannah’s Bridge, and all those that serve so selflessly.

Betron Couch, Hannah’s Bridge Sales Associate

Wanda Williams, Hannah’s Bridge Sales Associate

Yvonne Craven – Sales Associate/ Hannah’s Haven Graduate

Michelle Moore – Sales Associate/ Hannah’s Haven Student

Kristen Huffstetler – Sales Associate

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