“…and the Lord remembered her…”

1 Samuel 1:19b

Hannah’s Haven, A Adult & Teen Challenge Center helps women develop in spirit, mind, and body so they can become all they were created to be in Christ. In partnership with the community, Hannah’s Haven provides a safe and stable environment for women who are in recovery from substance abuse.


Program Overview

Hannah’s Haven seeks to provide a safe, stable, and peaceful environment for women to establish a lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol. The ministry will serve any women age 18 and older who have undergone medically supervised detoxification if needed. The program consists of two phases; residential for a minimum of 9 months and non-residential for 6-12 months. All Hannah’s Haven students must have a commitment to their own recovery. The students will be provided structure, support, and strict accountability. The home’s model for recovery is best captured in the acronym S.A.F.E.


Spiritual Growth

Students will participate in Biblical group and individual studies conducted at the home. The program includes church attendance, scripture memorization, Teen Challenge curriculum contract work, and classroom and personal work that prompts a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Women entering the program will bring with them false beliefs about who they are. Part of the recovery process is for students to be affirmed about their value and worth. Caring, supportive staff members and volunteers will support each woman during her recovery. Through weekly meetings we will encourage, walk with, and pray with each student.


Through living in a community, our goal is for women to begin to depend on one another as sisters and friends. Under the guidance and modeling of Hannah’s Haven staff, students will work together to cook meals, do household chores, and resolve conflicts. Additionally, Hannah’s Haven will host gatherings for family members, friends, and the community.


Hannah’s Haven will utilize existing community resources to assist women in reaching educational and vocational goals, including but not limited to obtaining a GED. We will also invite guests to teach classes in the home related to topics such as financial planning, interview skills, parenting, and nutrition.